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An effective advocate

The most important thing for us is the satisfaction and trust of our clients. That is why we have an individual approach for every case. We cooperate only with a team of capable lawyers with extensive experience, high competence and a wide range of knowledge. Our clients can count on an efficient, reliable and honest service. Fast acting and positive results of proceeding matter to us.

In our registrar’s office, we provide legal aid in the field of succession, civil, penal, family, economic and labor law as well as social insurance. We deal with the preparation of contracts, legal opinions, procedural and official letters for business entities and legal persons. Our mission is to provide access to specialized legal services to all who need it.

Counsels are provided by qualified, discreet, professional and committed to all cases lawyers with rich experience and accurate knowledge. If necessary, we also consult representatives of other specialties to provide clients with comprehensive service.

We provide transparent rules of cooperation, therefore, we provide our clients with detailed arrangements and provisions in writing. We also always try to inform honestly about the chances of success of a given case, the possible risks and costs. We look carefully at all the circumstances and premises and analyze the winning opportunities thoroughly and diligently. We consult uncertain matters together in a wider circle of specialists.

Invariably, from the beginning of our activity, we comply with the standards of professional ethics and we guarantee confidentiality in all matters we conduct. We focus on good relations with clients and professionalism. Our perennial experience with competences gives the highest standard of services.

Jak pracujemy w kancelarii Ubi Ius
What makes us different from others?

Our office conducted a very large number of won cases. We are aware that each case is different, that is why we approach each case individually.


We strive to make use of all possible solutions, both when representing the client in court and the pre-litigation procedure.


Our employees meet deadlines and fulfill all contracts. Each case is thoroughly analyzed
The terms of cooperation are always fair – you can trust us!

Every case is consulted with a counsel. Check the process out:
Check how the work of our office looks
Jak przebiega praca naszej kancelarii


Konsultacje z prawnikiem

Consultation with a lawyer

Zespół naszych prawników

A case is examined by the team of counsels

Skuteczny adwokat i Radca Prawny

An effective counsel and legal adviser

Współpraca z kancelarią UBI IUS

Signing a contract

Sprawy prowadzone przez UBI IUS

Winning a case


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